Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm just confused

The Internet tells me that Bret Michaels just got engaged to his "long-time girlfriend", which confuses me because if he has a "long-time" girlfriend, what was he doing on that Rock of Love (aka 'Who's the Whore-iest?' or 'Find Me a Skank') show or the following Rock of Love Bus show (aka 'Sluts on the Move')? I don't get it.

Some other current popular culture things I don't understand:

Foursquare. I know what it is (as of earlier today), I just don't see why anyone would want to broadcast their location at all times. The kids were anti-Big Brother back in my day.

"Don't get fizzy, let's get dizzy" is a lyric that confused me until I looked it up just now. First of all, the song is by Pink (I thought it was that Ke$ha girl), and the lyric is "don't be fancy, just get dancy." I guess that makes sense. And I guess I don't know what Ke$ha or Pink sounds like.

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