Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Rich!

Today is my brother Rich's birthday.

Here's a story about Rich - he used to dress pretty square, but the older he's gotten, the cooler his clothes have gotten. In this picture, he's wearing a braided leather belt. Remember those? He wore it forever, and when it finally broke he was kind of heartbroken. I've had this picture on my fridge for years, and whenever he's in my kitchen he tenderly touches the image of his dear departed belt and bemoans the loss.

Happy Birthday Rich! See you in a week!

Speaking of this picture, I was supposed to go over to my mom and dad's house today to scan in a bunch of old family photos, so the picture for this post was supposed to be of Rich and me as kids, but no, it had to snow AGAIN. I tried three different ways but couldn't ever get out of the neighborhood because I kept getting stuck. Guess I'll just have to sit around here all day and watch more Friday Night Lights episodes. To paraphrase Coach Taylor, that is not my burden, that is my gift.