Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Since we're talking about tv, remember the show thirtysomething? There is no reason I should have watched it or felt any connection with any of the characters considering I was in high school when it was on, but I watched it and I liked it. For some reason it always bugged me that Ken Olin was married in real life to Patricia Wettig, because his tv wife, played by Mel Harris, was such a better match for him. Like they seemed to go better/look better together.

real life couple

tv couple

When I worked at Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica, I checked out Mel Harris one time. She is still very pretty, and she was very nice. I don't know why she told me this, but I happen to know that she was dropping in to pick up some books for herself after buying some underwear for her daughter down the street at Victoria's Secret.

I saw a gray-bearded Ken Olin on something on tv recently, and he's still a hottie.


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