Monday, January 24, 2011

Sick of Snow

I'm so sick of snow.
Driving into work this past Thursday on not-hardly-cleared-at-all highways made me a nervous wreck. Once I was inside the building and wouldn't have to drive again for another eight hours, I was still a spazzy high-strung mess and couldn't calm down.
It's good to learn things about myself and that day I learned that being nervous makes me extra-special awkward and loud and apt to say and do awkward things, probably loudly.


  1. Hey Laura. I couldn't believe that big snow last week completely missed Chicago - we only got two inches on Saturday. The city clears the roads pretty quickly as you know, but I've spun out a couple times out in the burbs by my work and it's definitely frustrating.

  2. Hi Dave! A commenter who is not related to me, what a treat!
    Be careful on those roads Mister.