Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hi-Pointe

The Hi-Pointe Theatre, which is within walking distance of my house and has $5 admission on Wednesdays, is one of the many amenities of my neighborhood that I sadly don't take advantage of nearly enough. I did go see Inception last Wednesday, and even though I liked the movie and loved the price, the experience reminded me that I don't like to see movies at the theatre. My preferred movie-watching venue is my living room. My couch is infinitely more comfortable than theatre seats, I can pause and pee whenever I want to, no one tall comes and sits in front of me at the last moment, etc.

You should have seen this jerk sitting on the aisle that I had to walk past to get to my chosen mid-row seat. He gave me a dirty look when I squeezed past him a good 10 minutes before previews started. Then when a couple tried to get past him a few minutes later (still before the previews started), he made a big show of sighing loudly and looking at his watch as if they were late and their entrance ruined his movie-going experience. That guy is never at the end of my couch.

Fun fact about the Hi-Pointe: it won Best Movie Theatre in RFT's 2003 Best of issue, with high marks for their stellar urinals.

Funny fact: at first I thought it won for Best Urinals. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what you get from the following sentence, found in the About The Theatre section of their website: "Today the theatre boasts a huge new screen and explosive Dolby Digital sound while preserving the theatre's historic and neighborhood cachet, including a cozy lobby, turquoise curtains, quaint second-floor restrooms and men's urinals noted by the Riverfront Times as "best in St. Louis.""
** I did not take the photo, but I did see The Hangover there

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  1. As long as people don't talk during movies, I prefer the theater experience. The seats keep me awake.