Sunday, July 25, 2010

One is going east; the other one is going west, so what?

Last night I was at this place called Anthonino’s on The Hill (a St. Louis Italian neighborhood) for a friend’s birthday party. The painting behind the bar caught my eye and for a second I didn’t know why it seemed familiar. Then I realized that it’s the painting that Tommy’s mom (played by Martin Scorsese’s mom) pulls out to show the guys in Goodfellas! Henry, Jimmy, and Tommy stop by her house in the middle of the night to borrow a shovel on their way to bury Billy Batts, and she wakes up and makes them a big meal. With the cutest mixture of shyness and pride, she asks them if Tommy has told them about her painting.

According to imdb, the painting is based on a picture from the November 1978 National Geographic.

Anthonino’s also had a couple of really cool light fixtures.

Season 4 of Mad Men starts tonight! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Speaking of TV, I'm frustrated with KSDK (St. Louis's NBC affiliate) for showing some Whitey Herzog special instead of Friday Night Lights this week. They're playing FNL at 12:30 Monday morning. This is an outrage. Friday Night Lights is meant to be viewed on FRIDAY NIGHT.


  1. Herzog used to be known as Red until Don Draper sold him on Whitey being more regal.