Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad Men

Last night's Mad Men was wonderful. Here were some highlights for me:
  • Peggy's hair looks amazing! Good riddance to those terrible butt-cut bangs.
  • Sally has always been cute but is now super-pretty. I think she grew out of the lisp too.
  • Don pays for sex?!? More on that in a moment.
  • Don likes to get slapped during sex?!? Truly surprising.
  • Don and Roger are friends again, or at least they seemed to be. That's good. Why Don was so angry with him in the first place was always kind of a mystery to me.
  • When Don threw the squares from Jantzen out of his office, basically for being square

Let's jump right into Don Draper paying for sex. The last three seasons he's had women coming out of his ears and now that he's divorced and can have non-sneaking around, guilt-free sex with whomever he wants, he has sex with what looks to be his regular prostitute? And he wants her to slap him "harder" and "again"! That's just nuts. I'm intrigued.

Also intriguing was that Betty's new Old Man husband seems to have the same penchant for sneaking-around, illicit sex/relationships. He's married to Betty, it's official and everything, yet he didn't want to have sex in their bed but in the car in the garage. Quite frankly I don't know how she can stand to have his gross Dad Hands on her in any setting. It's also totally unacceptable that he and Betty still live in Don's house. That's outrageous.

While I'm thrilled that Betty redecorated the bedroom now that she's sharing it with a new husband, I miss her and Don's teal tufted headboard. I liked that.

I also liked that the new kid working with Peggy is the kid from that Jack and Bobby show that was on a few years ago for like four episodes that I and four other people watched. I like him.

I feel like a snob for using "whomever". I used it because (I think) it's correct, but it feels weird to me because I never say "whom" or "whomever" in real life.


  1. I agree on all these things. Maybe Don only likes to fool around when it feels dirty?

  2. Donnie D and Lady Gaga are on the same wavelength -- when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun.