Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Nirvana, huh?

Genius has done it again! Look at this brilliant mix it made for me based on Nearly Lost You.
(Wouldn't it be awesome if I knew how to do stuff and you could listen to all these songs instead? That won't be happening any time soon because, unlike Rachel, I do not have excellent compuper skills)

Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees
Seether - Veruca Salt
Miss World - Hole
Drown - Smashing Pumpkins
Pretend We're Dead - L7
Lump - Presidents of the United States
Santa Monica - Everclear
This Is a Call - Foo Fighters
Head On - Jesus and Mary Chain
She Don't Use Jelly - Flaming Lips
Live Forever - Oasis
Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now) - Cracker
Suck You Dry - Mudhoney
Monkey Gone to Heaven - Pixies
Dollar Bill - Screaming Trees
So Alive - Love & Rockets
The One Thing -INXS
I Got You - Split Enz
Outshined - Soundgarden
Rhinoceros - Smashing Pumpkins
Supernova - Liz Phair
Cannonball - Breeders
Big Me - Foo Fighters
Feel The Pain - Dinosaur Jr
Stop - Jane's Addiction


  1. I youtubed a lot of these tunes after reading this blog. Great playlist. More than great really.

  2. Genius gets all the credit for the great playlist.