Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Favorite

One of my all-time tried-and-true favorite songs is Saint John by Cold War Kids.

The first song I heard from their album Robbers and Cowards was the opening track, We Used to Vacation, which is a little too One Tree Hill theme song for me, so I wasn't sure about these guys. This song, however, totally sold me on Cold War Kids (*). It's so powerful that if you're not careful it will actually rock your socks off.

When I went to see them at The Pageant a couple of winters ago, I got there maybe 30 minutes past the time when doors were supposed to open and was shocked and kind of horrified to realize that I was coming in on the tail end of their set. What show ever starts exactly on time?! It was pretty disappointing, but the three songs that I did get to hear were amazing and happened to be my favorites (Saint John, Hospital Beds, and Hang Me Up to Dry) so it was worth going anyway.

* their next album was a bit of a letdown so I'm not truly 100% sold on these guys in general, but I am definitely 100% sold on this particular song. The One Tree-sounding song aside, the rest of the album is pretty stellar too.


  1. don't you knock Gavin Degraw. I would put money on more bands breaking on CW shows than the radio these days.

  2. I'm not embarrased to say that I got into Modest Mouse after I heard Float On on a Real World episode. MTV . . . music . . . what a novel idea!