Thursday, October 14, 2010

A roundabout story involving Martha Plimpton

Have you ever seen the movie Pecker? The movie is just ok, but the soundtrack is a smile-inducing funfest! I was so charmed by the songs that I ran out and bought the soundtrack the very next morning after I saw the movie.

Martha Plimpton was in Pecker, she's currently on the tv show Raising Hope, and of course she will live in the collective hearts and minds of 80's kids forever as Stef in The Goonies.

This week on Raising Hope I heard a funny song with funny nonsense lyrics, Do-Wacka-Do by Roger Miller, that sounded like it would fit right in on the Pecker soundtrack. It made me smile.

Martha Plimpton looks great and I'm glad to see her on tv.

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