Monday, October 18, 2010

Tomorrowland, Mad Men Season 4 Episode 13

Joan's going to need the money that will eventually come with that Director of Agency Operations title when she has to raise her (and Roger's) kid by herself after her husband dies in Vietnam. I knew she didn't have that abortion! You can't fool me, Red!

Joyce's nickname for Peggy is Pumpernickel! How cute is that?!

Speaking of nicknames:
Sally: Who's Dick?
Don: Well, that's me. That's my nickname sometimes.

It was funny that Megan brought up her teeth because I had just then noticed how toothy that girl is. Toothy or not, I wanted her and Don to end up together, so I'm happy about their engagement. I'm not sure how I feel about Don proposing with Anna's engagement ring from Original Don. That part seemed kind of impulsive considering he had only had the ring in his possession for a couple days, but really, the whole proposal was impulsive. Just like when Don cannonballed into the pool! What a funster!

I loved the scene where we realized that Don doesn't care about spilled milk(shakes), it was high-strung Betty who got all bent out of shape about stuff like that. The new and improved Draper household will be relaxed rather than rigid, calm rather than tense. I had to smile when Megan told Don "I know who you are now." Well, no, no you don't, but it's sweet that you think that.

I was never that big of a fan of Dr. Faye, but I did like what she said to Don when he broke the news of his engagement, "I hope she knows you only like the beginning of things." I think that statement is part right on and part sour grapes. Let's face it, most of us only like the beginning of things.

Oh my gosh, Pete "Emily Post" Campbell just had to correct Ken and explain that when congratulating a newly-engaged couple, one says "Congratulations" to the man and "Best Wishes" to the woman. What a smary square he is! He makes me sick. Betty makes me sick too. I can't believe she fired Carla. What a thing to do! She'd be better off relinquishing parental rights to her, not firing her. Is she scared someone is going to find out about the time she let Glen have a little lock of her hair? We all know you're imperfect Betty, giving that kid your hair is the least of your offenses.

Terrific finale of an outstanding season of a fantastic show.


  1. With such a happy ending I'm wondering what will take place next (and last) season. Will Don finally find peace, will the agency flow with new business, will Betty still be mean and bitter?

  2. Is next season the last season? I'm going to pretend I don't know that.
    I'm certain that Betty will still be mean and bitter unless she gets hit by a bus, then she'll just be dead.

  3. i mean there will be at least 7 more seasons, even a cartoon spinoff where Harry and Pete solve crimes with the help of the ghost of Mrs Blankenship.

  4. Thank God! You had me worried for a minute there.
    Wait a minute? Harry and Pete? Now that's just crazy.