Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tin Roof, used to be Rusted! + I Killed a Snake

The City of St. Louis sent us a letter recently ordering us to paint our rusty backyard shed, something about it looking too white trash.

So over the weekend Jonny did a bang-up paint job and now we call it The White House.

While he was painting, I did some exploring around the yard and uncovered a ferocious snake!! Without even thinking about my own safety I quickly got my trusty spade out of the shed, braved the hissing and striking, and chopped this menacing reptile into 3 pieces.

I'm no hero, just one girl out to rid the neighborhood of dangerous slithering serpents.

You're welcome Dogtown.


  1. Tasty, a good chipotle rub made all the difference.
    Now with the skin I'm going to make some tiny doll-sized boots and sell them on etsy. Waste not, want not.