Thursday, October 21, 2010

This One Time . . .

This one time when I worked as a cashier at Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica I checked out Viggo Mortensen. At B&N, every time I checked somebody out I had to ask them if they had a membership card, and if they didn't already have one I had to ask them if they wanted one. It's stuff like that (not to mention dealing with the general public) that makes working retail a real headache.

So anyway, I asked Viggo Mortensen if he had a membership card and he gave me his phone number (no one ever carries their cards, we always just looked people up in the system by their phone numbers). His phone number pulled up his name and Christina Ricci's name. The only way it would have been set up like that is if the two of them were in a Barnes & Noble at the same time when they first set up membership and they wanted both their names on the account. Intriguing, right?

The next day I used my friend The Internet to look into the connection between those two and found some quotes from her saying how she was totally obsessed with him and she used to watch Lord of the Rings to fall asleep every night. Another search just now shows that Christina Ricci thinks that Viggo Mortensen deserves a special Academy Award to recognize his naked fight scene in Eastern Promises, but I am still unable to confirm whether or not they ever went out.

I also checked out Larry Hagman once. His old man eyebrows were out of this world! The time I checked out Matt Groening involves me geeking out to an embarrassing degree. I'll tell that story at a later date.


  1. I had a few Hagman's about a month ago. Literally a few of them hung down below my lower lid.

  2. This weekend I pulled out a long dark straggler right between Dad's eyes that's been there for weeks.