Saturday, September 11, 2010

Culture overload in these precious final days of vacation

Hey St. Louis - spread out the good times! The St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton, Schlafly's Art Outside (AKA Maplewood Art Fair), and the first annual Dogtown Street Musicians Festival are all this weekend. The Clayton one is a little too highbrow for me, so I'm skipping it entirely.

Last night, after checking out Art Outside, a friend and I discovered a fun little bar in Maplewood. We hung out inside with a really nice couple and the very entertaining bartender Joyce, but out back there were a bunch of tables and chairs and a couple of pool tables too. It was super-fun, a great find. I feel bad that I can't remember the name. It's directly across Manchester from Cusumano's. Joyce told us the building used to be a church, a funeral home, and a couple other things.

I love whoever came up with the idea for the Street Musicians Festival. What a cool idea! I'm heading back up there again in a little bit, plus I'd like to cruise by the Maplewood Art Fair one more time too.


  1. That's my hombre Mitch on pickin' that banjo. The Warbuckles rock.

  2. How do you know everyone? It's bizarre.