Monday, September 13, 2010

Don Draper IS the Elephant in the Room

How hilarious is it that Don walked into Baby Gene's birthday party, where his presence was not expected and certainly not welcome, with a huge stuffed elephant in his arms? Did he do that on purpose in an attempt to bring some levity to the fact that he was the elephant in the room? Probably not, but I liked the imagery anyway. FYI, I don't care how old that kid gets, I'm always going to refer to him as Baby Gene.

How about what a jerk Henry Francis was when he called Don to come get the boxes marked "Draper" out of the garage? He took that opportunity to inform Don that he should stay away from his own son's birthday party. Henry would have more of a leg to stand on with this box issue if those boxes weren't in the garage of the house that Don owns! Also jerky was Henry ramming the boxes with his car, and the fact that he had the boxes out on the sidewalk when Don got there. Don couldn't have been any cooler when he drove straight to a dumpster and pitched the boxes without so much as a look inside.

I'm once again bursting with pride over how Don is growing as a person. He's seeing all the drinking that goes on at the office with new eyes, he's swimming to clear his head, he's making mature decisions in regards to women and his family and his own drinking. I just want him to be happy. Since he's a character on a television show and I am a real person, it's hard for me to reach out to him and give advice or offer support, but I would if I could. For now I'll cheer him and his small but steady personal victories on through the tv screen from my couch.

I wish Joan wouldn't have cattily snapped at Peggy for firing that turd Joey. While I realize that Joan's got her own stuff going on with her husband headed to Vietnam (just Basic Training for right now), she could have warmed up for a change and enjoyed a rare camaraderie with another female, especially since Peggy had just stood up for her. Her ice-cold, tough persona wore on me this episode.

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