Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who's the Big Winner?!

A few years ago I won a bunch of money at Ameristar Casino, and it was one of the most exciting afternoons of my life. For some reason I had a day off in the middle of the week so my dad and I used that as an excuse to go gamble in the middle of the day. (It doesn't take a lot of arm-twisting to talk my dad into going to a casino)

He was shooting craps and I was playing a quarter slot machine when all of a sudden it seemed like my machine froze up. Just as I was about to walk away because I thought it was broken, I realized that it wasn't letting me continue playing because I had just won a big jackpot. The display showed that I had just won 9000 credits. 9000 credits!! I was so flustered/excited plus I'm so awful at math that my first thought was 'Is that a hundred dollars? A million dollars? I don't know!' I called my mom and asked her to do the math and she explained that I had just won over $2000!

By that time, a casino employee had come over to read the machine and had gone to get me my money. Right then my dad, who had crapped out, happened to walk right by and I grabbed him and explained what was going on. He was so excited for me that he started shaking and I thought he might fall down. A few minutes later, the casino lady came back and counted out $2,250 in cash directly into my hand. Literally as I was putting the money into my wallet, my dad asked "Honey, can I have $200?" I was so high from the win I didn't think twice about it and handed him $200.

When I got back home and told my mom the whole story, including how I gave Dad the money he asked for, she said "Oh Sweetie, you'll never see that money again." Spoken like the wife of a gambler! But guess what? My dad turned that $200 into $1500 at Ameristar, came home and paid me back and left the bulk of the rest with my mom, then turned around and went to Harrah's and won another $1500!

The money I won that day allowed me to pay off the remainder of my student loans, and the whole experience gave me a fun memory and a good story to tell.

I've got a picture of me holding all the money in my hands, but I can't seem to find it right now. As soon as I find it, I'll add it in here.


  1. Great, great day. That was a good investment.

  2. Congrats! But I think I'd like the ending of this story better if you had lent me the $200 instead.

  3. If you would have been there right then, I would have given you whatever reasonable amount of money you asked for. I gave the guy sitting next to me the remainder of my roll of quarters and I think I gave the casino lady a 20.