Monday, September 20, 2010

Fast Forward Nine Months

Joan and Roger: I can't wait for Joan to give birth to a little white-haired baby holding a highball glass! Even though Joan is married and probably shouldn't be having dinner at a secluded geriatric diner with her former lover, I'm not judging her. I know right after I'm the victim of a mugging in a bad neighborhood, the only thing that calms me down is to walk about ten feet away, then frantically have sex standing up, pushed against a residential building that someone just walked into. It's comforting.

Megan the Receptionist: I just love her. She seems like such a sweet, nice young lady. I think I want her and Don to end up together. Did you know she is played by the same actress that had sex in the bathtub with Darryl from The Office in Hot Tub Time Machine?

Miss Blankenship: We hardly knew ye. I'm dying to get the full story about her relationship(s) with Bert Cooper (and Roger) back in the day!

Betty: She keeps getting worse. I wouldn't mind seeing her character killed off.

Sally: What a wreck this poor little girl has become. I feel bad for her but at the same time I feel like a firm backhand from Don would straighten her up a bit.


  1. Betty is mean as a snake. Sally needs some parental love and discipline. That is the same guy from HTTM? No way. She looks like she's built more slim on Mad Men.

  2. It's her, unless The Internet lied to me.