Sunday, September 5, 2010

Peggy Olson, I wish I were you

Reason #263 why vacation is simply the best thing in the whole entire world? I can post about Mad Men right after it's over instead of hurrying off to sleep because it's past my bedtime.
So let's get straight into tonight's episode. Don Draper, how you are changing! You drank so much you threw up? Unheard of. You used to be able to take so many pills and drink so much alcohol that grifters had to hit you over the head just to make you finally pass out. Now a long night of drinking with a girl ends with vomit on your shirt. Wow.
And you CRIED! In front of someone! In front of Pegs! Your vulnerability almost makes me cry just contemplating it.
Are Don and Peggy going to sleep together, maybe even end up together at some point? I'm dying to know.
I love Peggy's character. Recently I was discussing this with a friend of mine who also loves this show (as part of our unofficial Mad Men Fan Club), and we both admitted that we expect a lot of Peggy. We want good things to happen to her, but we expect her to go above and beyond to get them. I see something of myself in Peggy, I think. I want her to achieve in a way, on a level that I maybe haven't ever. I believe she can have whatever she wants if she just plugs away and works for it. I quit working like that a long time ago, but if I were to channel my inner Peggy, maybe I could get there.
I don't know.
Anyway, wouldn't it be crazy if Peggy and Don ended up together?
Other obviously mentionable moments in tonight's episode: Drunk Duck attempting to take a dump in what he thought was Don's (actually Roger's) office, poor sweet Anna dying and Don's reaction (what will happen when he goes to California?!), Peggy asking Don "how long are you going to go on like this?" when he asked for another drink not long after throwing up from drinking too much, not to mention how incredibly realistic Don's throwing up sounded. I'm not entirely unconvinced that Jon Hamm wasn't actually vomiting into that toilet.

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