Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Cowboys / A New Gal

So you know how AMC has John Wayne Saturdays every Saturday this month? What, you didn't know that? Well then, you need to catch up on some TV.

Today when I got home from picking up this new gal at T.F.A. antique store, I came in on The Cowboys (my favorite John Wayne movie) scene where Homer and Cimarron come across the prostitutes. Young Homer can't take the excitement and yelps and rides away hurriedly, Cimarron offends the madam by telling her that she's old enough to be his mama, then the fantastic Mr. Nightlinger restores order by telling her "I have the inclination, the maturity, and the wherewithal, but unfortunately I don't have the time."

The scene where they execute the demise of the villian, played expertly by Bruce Dern, is one of the best scenes in any movie ever.


  1. Lovin' the new gal! Where'd she come from?

  2. Isn't she adorable? I got her at a sidewalk sale at the same antique store on Morganford where I got my kitchen table & chairs.