Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overheard at The Galleria / Moms

While walking into the Galleria recently, my little brother and I (we not only live and work together, we also shop and go out to eat together!) saw a seemingly happy family on their way to the baseball game. We overheard the mom say to her four kids, all dressed in freshly-purchased Cardinals t-shirts, "I don't want any of you to talk to me at the game while I'm enjoying a beverage and a hot dog." Nothing radiates the warmth of motherly love like warning your kids not to talk to you in public.

Since I'm not a parent, I try not to judge sub-par parenting in general, but I'll gladly criticize some terrible TV moms.
  • Betty from Mad Men. Her biggest interaction with her kids is to sit at the table and smoke while they're eating, followed by telling them to either go watch TV or go to bed. What about the time her and Don were doing a day drunk (starting in the morning with very strong Bloody Marys mixed by their daughter, little SBD) and forgot to feed the kids? They were passed out on their bed in the early evening when Sally woke them up and reminded them that she and Bobby hadn't had dinner. Classy Bets, real classy.
  • The mom from Weeds. Oh, poor me. My husband died and my kids and I live in fancy O.C. so my only option to support my family is to sell drugs. Girl, please.
  • Jennifer "Everybody Calls Me Love" Hewitt is in what looks like a Weeds/Hung hybrid where she becomes a prostitute because her family is about to lose their house. Really? She can't get a job at the mall or a grocery store or something?

The best mom ever, in real life or on TV? My mom.


  1. >The best mom ever, in real life or on TV? My mom.

    Nuh-uh it's my mom.
    Just joking!!!!

  2. I love our sweet Mom too Buzz.

    Steve - You're funny. I would bet on my mom against your mom in a Mom Competition any day of the week.