Thursday, August 19, 2010

One More Week Until the Great Vacation Gorge!

A week from today I'll be in Santa Monica! I need this vacation so badly. It will be nice to get away not just from work, but away from everyday life for a while. I'm going to vacation it up by eating whatever I want and doing whatever I want all day, every day, for 8 magnificent days in a row. Having eaten like a bird for the past few weeks in preparation for the Vacation Gorge, I'm most looking forward to the eating! I'm finally at my driver's license weight for the first time since before I quit smoking, but that won't last for long!

Places I will eat (not necessarily all on the same day) include but are not limited to:
Krispy Kreme,
Thoma's for chili cheese fries,
In-N-Out followed by an ice cream sandwich at Diddy Riese,
possibly a good old-fashioned post-church lunch at Souplantation,
maybe a sandwich from Bay Cities if I can brave the line,
and definitely a few delicious Jill-made sandwiches from her magical Panini-maker.

I was going to say Patty's Pizza but my friend the Internet tells me that the Santa Monica location closed in February. That's a shame, just a real shame.

Speaking of food, I don't know why a quote from Night Court, which has been off the air for almost 20 years, should pop into my head so often, but it does.
"It's so hard to say au revoir so let's just say au gratin." - Buddy (John Astin) to Harry.


  1. Don't forget about Buddha's Belly

  2. You had to say Bay Cities, didn't ya?

  3. If I actually go in there, which is honestly unlikely, I'll try to go on my way out of town so I can pick something up for you!

  4. I do enjoy making a good sandwich....