Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dogtown Walking Tour, Part 2

Today's weather is even nicer than yesterday's, so I'm heading out for another walk. Here are some more pictures from yesterday.

This is the kind of graffiti I can get behind.

I'm not sure if this "Care Center" is for old people, or crazy people, or possibly old crazy people.

This hasn't actually been a market for a few years, but if it was still in business I would totally go in there and buy stuff sometimes.

This is a sad, ugly eyesore of a building that was built shortly before the economy went down the toilet. I'm pretty sure no one ever purchased any of the five units. Two of the units have stairs built up to the front door, three of them do not.


  1. >This is the kind of graffiti I can get behind.

    I think you're supposed to fill in the word balloons with your own dialog, like:

    TOP GUY: "Nice haircut, four eyes."

    GIRL: "Eat shit baldy."

    BOTTOM GUY: "Umm, helloooo... down here... don't forget to insult me too, sniff."

  2. I think both of the guys are making cracks about her being a dead ringer for Velma from Scooby Doo and she's telling them to shut up.